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West Saanich School

1880 saw the West Saanich School being built as the first school in Brentwood Bay. This one room school was built on land donated by John Slugget and George Stellys.

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George Stelly

Mrs. John Slugget

Slugget Farm 1880’s


It was a cute little one-room school that taught all the children in Brentwood Bay and the surrounding area. During 1909 a new school was contracted to serve the ever expanding population. It was active from 1909 to 1952 and continually used its pot belly stove for heating and the proverbial outhouse for facilities. Students came from as far away as Mt. Newton to Prospect Lake to gain their education.

Many upgrades and improvements have been made and the community uses it for many group meetings and youth organizations. Girl Guides and Boy Scouts have proudly flown their flags since the 1960’s.

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